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    Full-Time Lecturer – Digital Games Development / Creative Computing

     Jobsplus Permit No. 227/2022

    Definite - Full Time  

    Date of Call: 17/11/2023 12:30
    Closing Date: 29/11/2023 12:00
    Department: Institute of Information and Communication Technology


The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology is seeking to recruit a Full-Time Lecturer – Digital Games Development / Creative Computing.


Candidates must be in possession of:

A first Degree (MQF Level 6) relevant to the published call.


- A relevant MQF Level 5 qualification and 3 years’ related full-time lecturing and/or industry experience.

Candidates are expected to possess a high level of expertise in the following technologies: 

Game Development Platforms:
Proficiency in game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

Programming Languages:
Proficiency in languages like C#, C++, and Java. Familiarity with scripting languages like JavaScript.

Graphics and Animation:
Expertise in 2D/3D graphics creation and manipulation using tools like Blender, Maya, or 3ds Max. Knowledge of graphics programming, shading, and rendering techniques.

Multimedia Software Development:
Proficiency in multimedia software frameworks and libraries. Experience in developing interactive multimedia applications.

Web Development:
Knowledge of web technologies for game and multimedia delivery like WebGL.

Mobile Development:
Experience with mobile game and app development platforms like Android Studio and Xcode.

Preference will be given to candidates having teaching and/or industrial experience in ICT.
Vacancies will be filled if and when openings become available. Successful candidates will be called to fill existing vacancies in accordance with the order of merit. Interested candidates are invited to apply by the closing date indicated in this advert.