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    Full-time Senior Researcher for the European Universities Alliance project EU4DUAL

     Jobsplus Permit No. 227/2022

    Definite - Full Time  

    Date of Call: 17/11/2023 12:30
    Closing Date: 29/11/2023 12:00
    Department: Applied Research & Innovation Centre


The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology is seeking to recruit a Full-time Senior Researcher for the European Universities Alliance project EU4DUAL. This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of European Union.


Candidates must be in possession of:
A full MQF level 6 and/ Level 7 qualification plus relevant experience
A full MQF level 6 and Level 8 qualification

Description: The project will be covering the following main areas of research and development:
• The Future of Work - to prepare workers for the fifth industrial revolution – promoting an increased emphasis on a human-centric, sustainable and resilient industrial base, emphasizing the digital and green transitions. A key pillar of this economic transformation is the role played by Advanced Manufacturing systems such as Robotics, 3D & 4D printing, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing. To address Industry 5.0, 'learning centric approaches' that focus on the holistic competences of humans that plan, manage, oversee or operate technologies will be developed.
• The Green Economy - to coordinate the response to the defining threat of our time. Climate change is causing challenges and security risks related to food, water, health, energy and bio-economics, among others. The concept of human security will be promoted and incorporated into developing the multidisciplinary mission based RDI activities in focus areas including Water Safety, Food Business, Wellbeing Technology, Engineering and Energy Technology and Bio- and Circular Economy.
• The Healthy Living - will harness knowledge sharing to lower the burden of non-communicable diseases on our societies. e-health can provide structures and platforms that allow society to improve the possibilities of citizens to become self-supporting in their health- and disease-management issues. Technologies such as biosensors and artificial intelligence technologies need to be coupled with in-depth cultural studies and contextual implementation of practices. Healthy living also links closely to the future of work and green economy by promoting better work-life balance, and impacts of ecology on human health.

The selected candidate shall be responsible for assisting in the execution of project deliverables (covering issues related to Dual Education, Future of Work, Green Economy, and Healthy Living). Will also be responsible to liaise with other project partners. Will also contribute to organization and attendance of research and training activities, proposal writing, dissemination activities, project management, administration and report writing.
Vacancies will be filled if and when openings become available. Successful candidates will be called to fill existing vacancies in accordance with the order of merit. Interested candidates are invited to apply by the closing date indicated in this advert.  Applications should include a covering letter. All applications will be dealt with in strictest confidence.

This post is tied to a definite contract of employment of three years’ duration renewable at the discretion of MCAST and further funding of the EU4Dual Alliance.