Terms And Conditions

“I accept that the personal data I have submitted can be processed and used by MCAST in accordance with The Data Protection Act (Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta) and that MCAST shall make use of such data as is consented to it by this same law. I furthermore understand that MCAST shall retain, store and save such data for recruitment purposes.

I understand that such personal data shall not be shared and/or transferred by MCAST to third parties without my consent.

I furthermore understand that I have all such rights as are granted to me in accordance with The Data Protection Act amongst which to request information on such data, to request that such data be updated, varied as well as deleted from MCAST’s database. Such request shall be made to the Data Controller of MCAST who can be contacted on (address).

I declare that to my knowledge, the above data is valid and authentic and I fully understand that any false declaration or documents will invalidate this application.

I understand that my data shall be considered and evaluated by MCAST and that this application is subject and dependant on vacancies which may arise from time to time. Furthermore, I understand that this application shall in no manner be construed as an obligation on MCAST to recruit me nor shall it be interpreted as an obligation on MCAST to contact me.  MCAST reserves the right to make a more detailed evaluation and request further proof or documentation in order to decide on the merits of this application.

I declare that I have read and understood all the above terms and conditions and agree thereto.”